Dbeaver has 3 snaps available, none of them working


I’m not sure where exactly should I report this, so trying here. I tried to install DBeaver Community on Ubuntu 19.10 and there’s a few issues.

Searching in the Ubuntu Software will yield 3 different packages:

  • dbeaver-ce
  • dbeaver-app
  • dbeaverapp

dbeaver-ce seems to be the one in better shape, it has reviews, an icon, and the snap lists the contact of the maintainer. However the application doesn’t start, and after emailing the maintainer I didn’t get any feedback.

The contact email for dbeaver-ce is dbeaver@jkiss.org, and trying to access jkiss.org on my web browser will redirect me to dbeaver.io. So I tried filing a bug in the project’s GitHub page, no feedback either…

The other two snaps don’t even list a contact…

What’s the best way to sort this out?