Darktable on Pinebook Pro

I just received my Pinebook Pro running Manjaro and installed snapd just so I could install darktable. It loads up okay and seems to run, but all of the characters show up as small squares. I checked the Darktable forums, and was advised that Darktable uses the Roboto fonts, so I installed those, but this did not help. This is my favourite app to use to edit raw photos from my Pentax, and would appreciate any assistance in getting this to run on my Pinebook Pro.

cc @zyga-snapd and @mborzecki, sounds like more of a snapd-on-manjaro issue than a snap-specific issue. If there’s something I need to do in darktable let me know.

Quite likely it’s a problem with fontconfig cache again. Please take a look at the workarounds posted in this topic Snapped app not loading fonts on Fedora (and Arch)

Thank you for this idea. I tried it out, but it didn’t fix the problem. Hopefully I’ll have time this weekend to dig into the problem a little more.