Customising splash screen in gadget snap

I found online some instructions for customising the splash screen using the gadget snap However I am using a fork of pi-gadget which has a psplash directory instead of a splash directory and by default does display a large Ubuntu Core splash screen. Do the same instructions apply here?

No, if you are already using psplash that won’t work. But you can use it on Ubuntu Core 22, by forking from the oficial pi gadget.

Yes I have forked from pi-gagdet (22-arm64) branch so that is how I ended up with psplash. Can I add my own custom icon using the psplash structure?

the psplash directory in the source (and the according snapcraft.yaml parts) should really be removed, not sure why this has not happened when psplash support was disabled in the initrd …

while i have not used the new splash screen yet, i’d assume you need to create a “splash” directory in the toplevel dir of the source and just follow the instructions to drop a proper png in there …

As @ogra mentioned, that was an overlook, psplash is not supported anymore and I have created now PRs to not build it anymore:

You have a splash using plymouth by default. If you want to customize it, please follow instructions in

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