Cross Compiling armhf; stage-packages


Host info: Ubuntu 16.04, snapcraft 2.42.1

Trying to cross-compile a go application for armhf which has a few dependent packages.

I’ve defined architectures : [armhf] and I’ve also tried passing in --target-arch=armhf to snapcraft.

I’ve tried defining stage-packages as package:armhf and as package on armhf.

I’ve tried setting dpkg --add-architecture armhf, and I’ve added, deb [arch=armhf] xenial main universe to /etc/apt/sources.list

But still the armhf packages are not being pulled during stage.

Any ideas? Suggestions?

I don’t think cross compiling is fully functional at this point, I encountered similar issues and could not get around it. Right now I am compiling natively on a Raspberry Pi for my ARM builds.

Hi, I responded to your other post here: Stage-Packages with --target-arch

(in case anyone else happens upon this problem and hits this page)


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Are you using Snapcraft for building natively on RPi?


Yes, I am using the Ubuntu 16.04 image on a Raspberry Pi 3 to compile my armhf snap.

Could you kindly send me a complete guide for that? I have some difficulties.

Thanks in advance.


See this guide for install Ubuntu on RPi:

Then it’s just a matter of installing snapcraft from apt and running it.

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