Cross-compilation inside multipass?

It seems cross-compilation is disabled for Multipass, and snapcraft only attempts that in destructive-mode. To enable developers on all Platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux) to build snap packages for our RaspberryPi based board (Without waiting for remote infrastructure), we need to enable cross-compilation in Multipass

Is that possible ?

I hope this is for core20 and onwards. The reason we did not do this was because we only ever supported this in that mode and I was leaning towards having this defined in the architectures entry in snapcraft.yaml and do multi-builds (for all the matches the hardware is capable of) similar to what we do in charmcraft now

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I think having cross-compilation inside multipass would be a great addition and improve the developer story for snapcraft from the perspective of IoT hardware, which are quite likely running arm64 processors.