Creation of a new track for the magma-access-gateway snap

Hello Team,

Kindly please create new track, called 1.8 for the magma-access-gateway snap.

Thanks in advance!


Per Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks 2, we need a 1-week voting/discussion period, so I’ll check back on the discussion and votes in a few days.

I have three questions before casting my vote.

  1. What’s magma-access-gateway’s release cadence, how often is a new major version (potentially requiring a new track) released? is this documented somewhere by upstream?
  2. Is there some commitment from upstream on maintenance of old versions? e.g. is 1.7 still supported with security updates? will it continue to be supported now that 1.8 is out, and for how long?
  3. Are new versions backwards-incompatible? meaning, if I was running 1.7 and try to install 1.8, will that just work, or do I need to migrate my data/configuration, or will things break horribly?


  • Daniel


Ad. 1. Upstream releases are not regular, but we can assume there’s gonna be 2 per year. Major version is still at 1 and I’m not aware of any plans to release version 2.X.

Ad. 2. There’s no commitment. Bug fixes are being backported arbitrarily. That’s why, starting from the next release, we’ll be delivering Magma AGW as a confined snap, built from sources based on know and controlled dependencies.

Ad. 3. Along with the upstream release notes, upstream always publishes a guide on how to upgrade from the previous release to the current one. Upgrade is officially supported only for 2 consecutive releases.


Thanks! for #3, is the upgrade guide somewhat involved? basically, if any manual steps are needed at all, then I think this is definitely a good candidate for tracks.

  • Daniel

Yes, the first step of the upgrade procedure is backing up the database and, as of now, it has be done manually by the admin.


Hi, I’ve created the 1.8 track; the use case seems reasonable so +1 from me as reviewer.

  • Daniel