Creating ubuntu core18 on armel (armv6l)

Hey guys,

longtime ago…

I have some questions about the pi-gadget.

Some feeds to understand:

  • We are use our own snapd and snapstore.
  • Using for core16/18 the user authentication.

Now we would like to use the ubuntu core on armv6l ( I know it works, partially and also as core[just module packaging]). I know that ubuntu not official support this, whats I compiled currently is on debian based and I modified some files to get most of them work, like snapcraft, snapd, core18, pi-kernel, pi-gadget, all compiled for and of an armv6l works so far, like core18 and snapd.

My question is when the ubuntu-image tool gathering the core18, snapd, pi-gadget it always says that the pi-gadget snap not have an base to match the core18 base.

I use snapcraft 3.8 and other actually packages where need.

I know that ubuntu-image use snap prepage-image(correctly), but what I’m miss?

the meta/snap.yaml from the gadget snap looks fine the base there is core18.

Any suggestions? May more information from the store, snapd is to old? The build system where we use is snap == 2.53 and the ubuntu-image doesn’t matter about arch

Greets Tony

I found out why the image building was not working, now all is fine