Creating snap of non standard configure/make

Hello (snapcraft newbie here!)

I’m trying to create a snap from VMD ( Molecular Visualization Software and it uses a non standard configure/make method.
Essentially, one needs to execute the following:
tar xzf vmd-1.9.2.bin.LINUXAMD64.opengl.tar.gz
cd vmd-1.9.2
./configure LINUXAMD64
cd src
make install

I can’t figure out which plugin to use in this case. Initially I tried to use autotool plugin, but I don’t know how to change to src directory before running make install. Also, this software does not use make for compiling itself because it is already a binary distribution.
I know that snapcraft does have a dump plugin, although it’s a binary distribution, I need to run its configure script before install.

Obviously I could just install it on a machine e repack the installation on a tar.gz file and just use the dump plugin. But I would need to do this every time a new version came out.

Could anyone help me with this?
Thanks in advance

Try using the source-subdir: src spec for your part.

I think using the autotool plugin is probably your best first step. If that doesn’t work then report back here with any errors you run into and we will do our best to help.