Creating image for IOT2020

Hey guys, I’m trying to create a image for the iot2020.

I had someone comment the following on github: “Ubuntu depends on Debian, and Debian will never support the processor of the IOT2020/2040”. [1]

But as I understand Ubuntu Core is it’s own thing that doesn’t directly depend on Debian at all. So I think that answer is not entirely correct. I’m definitely not going to run anything else on the device, have grown to really love Ubuntu Core and Snappy.

For reference, I’ve also posted here:


While we do not officially support this processor there is nothing stopping the community from creating a kernel and gadget snap that would enable Ubuntu Core to work if it is at all possible.

I would gladly do this myself, but unfortunately I’ve never done something this low level before.
Had a quick look at at the image building page [1], but I’m not familiar with what options etc I would need for the model assertion, or the gadget snap.

[1] -

@JamieBennett If we created our own image, what would be the requirements to maintain it? We don’t have the capacity to maintain a image ourselves on a regular basis. Does ubuntu core make this a bit easier?

I’m guessing you basically need to maintain the Kernel snap with security updates etc.

For community images there is technically no requirement to maintain the image but of course we do not want to see stale and insecure images. Instead, updating the kernel snap with fixes makes sense. The base (core) snap will be updated by Canonical and the gadget snap is largely static after it has been created.

For reference, someone on the github issue just mentioned this debian image for iot2000 with instructions on how to build it. I may use that as a starting point.