Create System usser

Hi there,
I’m trying to create a user assertion by following this documentation.
The command has changed from to make-system-user.

But my problem is when I run the following command:
sudo make-system-user --brand MY_ACCOUNT_ID --model MY_MODEL_NAME -u MY_USERNAME --password test --key default
I get the following error:
Error: You do not appear to be logged in. Try 'snapcraft login'
But I am logged in and logging in again doesn’t help either.

Thank you

@kyleN maintains the make-system-user tool … perhaps he can help …

Hi Nils,

Thanks for your comment here, and for pointing out that the doc is slightly out of date (the command is now “make-system-user”, not “”). Also please note, the doc says to run with “sudo”, but that is not needed, although it will not cause the issue you have.

The error you have does indeed display when you are not logged on to snapcraft with a valid Ubuntu SSO account. Can you please run ‘snapcraft whoami’ and verify that it returns an email address and “developer-id”?

snapcraft whoami returns my email address and developer-id. Both are correct