Create 1.20 track for “go”

It’s that time of year again and I would like to request the creation of a 1.20 track for the Go snap. The guard rails should be ^1\.20($|\.|beta|rc) modulo whatever I’ve gotten wrong with markdown/regex escaping this time.

+1 as reviewer, the track is now created.

  • Daniel
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Thanks. Wonder if it’s too soon to request the 1.21 track…

When is 1.21 due to be released? If it’s already out, even if in alpha quality, it’s probably OK to create 1.21 so you can use the edge risk there for these very cutting-edge builds :slight_smile:

Let me know.

  • Daniel

Releases are every 6 months so it’s a bit early I guess. It’s just that I always forget to do it in time and getting the track created often ends up being the think blocking me from making the new release candidate available (even if only for a few hours usually)

Since the cadence is very predictable I would be +1 to preeemptively adding 1.21, let’s see whether other reviewers think similarly.

  • daniel

Yep I agree - +1 from me too for a preemptive 1.21 track for go.

OK, has that been done? Then I’ll request a 1.22 track in about six months :slight_smile:

1.21 is now done :slight_smile:

  • daniel