Create 1.18-fips, 1.19-fips, 1.20-fips tracks for Go


For the support of various users of the Go snap who want to certify their Go applications for use in a FIPS environment, I have been packaging a fork of Go maintained by microsoft:

Up to this point I have been publishing builds from this fork in branches but branches have the usual problems: the are not discoverable in any way and the expire. As it seems clear at this point that we will be maintaining these snaps in the future it feels like it’s time to add tracks. I have packaged versions for go 1.18 and 1.19 so far and expect to package 1.20 soon, so tracks called “1.18-fips”, “1.19-fips” and “1.20-fips” would be great.


+1 from me, I have created the above tracks.

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