Could we include brief release notes when publishing a snap?

Would be very useful to let end users see what’s been improved / fixed in a release, akin to the iOS app store where devs often include a brief “what’s new”. Could also link to an external issue tracking / version control system.

AFAIK, end users don’t have an easy way to see the merits of upgrading a snap - other than to try and look to the source GH repo - but even that won’t be available for private snaps.


Brendan / EpiSensor Engineering Team


+1 from me on this. We can make it like this,

add a top level section as release-note, and it can be adopted from the appstream metadata file if possible.

Well, actually, you can.

  • Find the revision you’d like to add a changelog for and click it (on the left)

  • Click on the “Add changelog” link part way down

  • Type your changelog and press “Save changes”

  • It will now appear on the previous page.

That’s the Good News.

The Bad News is I don’t think the changelog is exposed anywhere anymore.

The snapcraft API doesn’t seem to show it.

Another one is this is just in this website. This can’t be set via snapcraft or anything similar, as much I found in my recent snapcraft PR, there was no such option that’ll add a release note to a snap revision.

Thanks for the reply! May be an easier task to just expose it on the API then. Would be great if this could be discussed / implemented if there’s support for it internally.