Could the pdf viewer sioyek be included in snap?

hi I hope not sure that this is the correct forum. My apologies if it is not this pdf viewer is able to construct links, even for pdf files that have not been generated with say latex+hyperref. sioyek github page regards

Uwe Brauer

first, feel at home.

I saw the mentioned repository and did not find any snap folders or files. In general, any application can be ported to Snap and built using Canonical infrastructure.

If you want to ship this app in Snap, you need only the Snap file and an account. After build and testing, if you don’t use classic confinement, your app will be published, but it can only be installed with the flag --dangerous.

To have a fully accessible snap inside the Snap Store, you must create a post with flag snap requests. I had this conversation with moderators here:

Hi, thanks for the quick reply and the warm welcome. I have to confess that although I have used snap (that is installed pkg via snap). I don’t know much about its structure. For this particular pkg, sioyek, I cannot compile it myself, since I am still on Ubuntu 16.04 and the required libraries are just too old. However, in the past when I could not install or compile a program myself like the latest evince version, I still could install it via snap. So my hope was that maybe someone else could compile it for snap and add it to the store. Is there an forum where I could rise this question?

Sure, but the right place is here: snap-requests - If you want to create this request (to maybe someday this application will be packed to snap), just create a new post with the flag snap-requests.

thanks! It seems that my post already has this flag, or am I mistaken? I want to avoid doble posting

Hey, I moved it to the right category yesterday, no need to re-post…

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