Core22 release schedule?

When can we start building on top of core22, I am sure there will be a need for some changes in Snapcraft itself but is it safe to assume that the core22 snap will be release along with Ubuntu 22.04 ?

The reason we are most interested in core22 is that it gives us the Python 3.10 without a need for our snap to ship a copy with itself.

We currently have a half dozen Python based snaps and that number is increasing very quickly.

Yes, I would expect the core22 snap to be available in the stable channel at the same time as 22.04 LTS is GA. Jammy currently has Python 3.9 and Python 3.10, I was under the impression that the main one for use in system services would be 3.9 which may mean that the Python interpreter in the core snap is 3.9 not 3.10, but having maintained 3.10 packages available should meet your needs in your own snaps.

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There will be no Python 3.9 in 22.04 LTS. We’ll ship with the current 3.10.x series

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Any update on this, now that 22.04 has been out for a few weeks?

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As @sabdfl said would happen, the core22 snap is available in the stable channel now (close to 22.04’s launch - it arrived in stable on 2nd May)


Thanks, that’s great news!

I just didn’t see it documented anywhere (e.g.,, Snapcraft.yaml reference) and searching for it online brought me here. I guess the doc updates are still in the works. Either way, thanks for making it happen - I look forward to trying it out!