Core22 can't release review queued

I have built my snap cbj-hub using core20 and wanted to update it to use core22.

Wanted to update in order to test a fix for my app and change the python version to python 3.11 in the stage-packages.

The snap got built successfully but I can’t move it to edge Channel, it only exists in

Revisions available to release



Tried with grade: devel and confinement: devmode and same result.

Why is it not going to the edge channel like before?.

Revision 217 is awaiting manual review, and other revisions need to wait for that to be resolved before they can in turn undergo automated review.

You need to wait for a manual review of revision 217; or, if you have fixed the issue that caused revision 217 to be held for manual review and want to discard revision 217 (marked as rejected by developer and removed from the review queue), you can do that.

Here you can find the reasons for the manual review request, and a “reject and remove from review queue” button at the bottom.