Core18, Gtk3, Python3 and Wayland

Hi guys!

I’ve made good progress with my app ImEditor and its snap packaging. However I’ve some errors again…

The stable channel have a version that works:

It has a few problems:

That’s why I’ve tried on the edge channel to build the snapcraft.yaml around core18 and gnome 3.28 by looking at the one of gedit (

Here’s the result:

Now, the snap has some errors (seems to be related to dependencies):

I need some help to debug these errors, I do not know where to look anymore …
Thank’s in advance!

I may be missing something, but I just cloned your repo and built it here, installed it and it runs fine.

In local, I’ve managed to launch it but not in the edge channel provided by the “Built with GitHub” functionality. Maybe, you could try it: sudo snap install imeditor --edge

Ah! That’s the problem. Currently doesn’t support base core18. It’s in progress and will be available soon I believe. So right now I’m afraid you’ll either have to build locally, or use a service such as travis or circleci to build a core18 snap. Sorry about that.


Note that it is no longer the case now.

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