[Core] CLI/Terminal application in Kiosk mode

I’d like to use Ubuntu core to run a terminal application; an interactive python script.
Is there a way to do that?

I can find tutorials for X11 / Wayland / Mir GUI applications, but that’s not what I want.
Running the python script in an X11 / Wayland terminal application would be acceptable, too.

But it seems like it should be possible to “just” start a python script at boot, in the terminal that’s already shown on the HDMI display.

This would be running on an Intel NUC 10, with Ubuntu Core 20.

There is a way to login to the terminal of the ubuntu core. Basically, you would have to disable console-conf and register a default user and then you could dive into the shell of your snap by using sudo snap run --shell yoursnap where you could run your python script. However, this is not applicable since you are exposing your system to the end-user :slight_smile:

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Hi @bugraaydogar, thanks for your reply!
That would not be ideal for the end-user, indeed.

I have tried running a bunch of Wayland / X11 snaps on Ubuntu core, with very little success.
So far, the only one working is mir-kiosk-apps, which shows the rss app.

I’d like to run a terminal, like alacritty directly on Wayland (or via X11).
I will now try to use mir-kiosk-x11-example as a basis, and try to run alacritty or some other terminal from there.

while there is a framebuffer interface you could probably utilize, the getty’s will definitely get in your way … an xterm inside a mir-kiosk XWayland session might actually be the best way forward here indeed …

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