Core 18 xz-utils missing

Hello everyone,

It seems like that the core18 snap base does not include the xz-utils, but is included in the base core snap. I cannot verify that it is included in core20.

To check if your core snap have xz-utils, just execute: whereis xz.

I changed over to core18 from core, since core is deprecated, and I kinda need the xz-utils, so that the remote support software we have on there, can archive logs, etc. I cannot go over to Core 20 just yet.

Is there any plan or configuration that someone can modify/add to get xz-utils included in core18?

Or, should I make my own snap package, linking the xz-utils package to the PATH variable?

the core snap was packaged massively different, with core18 and core20 a newer way of building the base snaps was introduced that only includes the actually required bits … xz-utils is likely not in that required list, you will need to ship xz-utils in your snap … (or create a standalone snap for them)

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Thanks. I created a standalone snap for them to use.

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