Convert an existing C++ program into snap


Dear community,

I’m a new user of snap. I need to convert an existing C++ program into a snap. The program is basically a fuzzy logic controller that takes a set if inputs, perform some calculations based on an external fuzzy logic library and gives a single output.

Could you help me and tell where I can start?

Best regards


I’d start here:-
Click the big green button which takes you to:
There’s a workflow there for C/C++ stuff. Let us know how you get on! :smiley:


Hi popey,

Thanks for your answer. I went through the indicated webpages and finished the tutorial.

I still needs a starting point. Is there any existing snap based on a simple C++ program that I can change to suit my needs. This would be much easier compared to adapting the test-dosbox example given in the tutorial.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards