Control which common-id the adopt-info comes from

I am a bit confused by the adopt-info feature. It can pick summary/description for the snap out of a common-id entity. But, I cannot seem to find a way to control which common-id that is. app parts have a common-id key for this purpose, but the key isn’t allowed outside apps.

So how would you pick the “primary” common-id to derive the adopt-info from?
Say I have a snap that ships two apps coming from the same source part sampleapp and otherapp. The snap summary and description should be derived from sampleapp but both ids are to be parsed and then used in apps definitions.

name: sampleapp-name
adopt-info: sampleapp

    command: sampleapp
    common-id: com.example.sampleapp
    command: otherapp
    common-id: com.example.otherapp

    plugin: dump
    parse-info: [sampleapp.metainfo.xml, otherapp.metainfo.xml]

parse-info is ordered. Ones specified later override those specified earlier. If you want to ensure the summary and description comes from sampleapp.metainfo.xml, try swapping the ordering in parse-info.

We should print this out so it is obvious (adding a task to Surface what came from the user, plugins, and snapcraft’s core which I like calling voices of snapcraft).