Content interface help

Hi, i made a snap package which is for content sharing and suppose to be consumed by other snap packages.
in my content share snap i added desktop-gtk3 remote part , how can i use desktop-launch command to start my app from consumer snap? i dont want add desktop-gtk3 twice in the whole process.

The desktop-launch command will need to be specified in the “app” section of the snap which consumes the content interface. You should be able to do this without the need to duplicate the whole desktop-gtk3 part in the consuming snap. Specify the path to where the content is mounted in the snap to find desktop-launch. For example something like this:

command: $SNAP/mymountpoint/bin/desktop-launch bin/myapp

Please let us know if you have questions

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Hi, @kenvandine i have fixed the issue already :slight_smile: thanks