Console-conf keyboard layout

A blog reader mentioned that Ubuntu Core’s first boot experience doesn’t seem to support other keyboard layouts (Swedish, in this use-case). The workaround was to type as if it was a US keyboard.

Am I missing a better way to do this, or is console-conf missing a little bit of functionality here?

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You’re not missing anything here. I’m currently working on adding keyboard layout support to subiquity, which shares a codebase with console-conf and so would make adding this functionality easier.

I know there is some concern in general for the disk space impact of l10n data but I don’t think the keyboard layout descriptions are very large.

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we are already shipping the console-setup, console-setup-linux and kbd packages in the core snap but nothing that configures them yet …

Thanks @mwhudson, I’m glad to hear it! Any chance you could update this thread as you make progress?

Is there some progress?
How can I change the keyboard layout in a Ubuntu Core Snap?