Connectivity issues on

/build/75295e9a4b724f23ae1439964a8fc600-xenial/parts/tomcat/install/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-armhf/jre/lib/security/cacerts will be a dangling symlink
Pulling tomcat
svn: E170013: Unable to connect to a repository at URL ‘
svn: E670002: Name or service not known

Any idea why it can’t connect to the SVN server??



This looks like

Even though it works outside of ?

Yes, the launchpad builders (which uses) are behind a proxy … not sure where a solution to the issue stands though … perhaps @sergiusens can help out here since he commented on the bug too …

I can think of a workaround, but subversion provides no easy local way to determine the proxy, for which we haven’t had the handler take care of the setup as with other components.

Something like this might work:

        plugin: autotools
        after: [subversion-proxy-setup]
        plugin: nil
        build: |
            echo "http-proxy-host=my.proxy" > $HOME/.subversion
            echo "http-proxy-port=80" > $HOME/.subversion
            # Maybe also http-proxy-username=[username]
            # And #http-proxy-password=[password]

For which, it might be something buildd could just eventually end up setting up regardless of environment.

Thanks chaps, I’ll have a look.