Connect multiple interfaces in a single command?


My snap will soon require connecting multiple interfaces. I was okay with suggesting connecting one for the user in the form of a command to issue, but now it’s getting abnormally complicated in my opinion - so long as it’s multiple commands requiring multiple password entries which is my experience with snap connect ..:..; snap connect ..:.. (Say snap connect ..:.., ..:.. and similar attempts didn’t just work right away for me.)

As I understand recommending some sudo would not be generally desirable either.

Is there a way to connect say :password-manager-service and :home in a single command/some other similarly user-friendly way? (To my understanding :mount-observe is also in the game.)

Remark: the simplistic snap connect snap_name:interface command seems perhaps underexposed/documented in

Interface management.
If so, it might be useful to give it a stronger highlight, unless wrong (if it is wrong even in simple cases, where non-obviousness of pairing is out of the question, please let me know).



you’d instead ask for auto-connection of your interfaces in a store-request …

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Many thanks for the reply!

I am aware of the theoretical existence of “that option”, however am a little shy with my < 30 weekly active devices to draw that much of consideration on my project.

While it is of miniscule effective interest (as of now, and not to diminish my work), I know people are busy with judging more important stuff… I guess (maybe wrongly! security is a hectic little labyrinth) having some similar option could save time on both ends in the longer run.

I am about to make an attempt at getting the app some more official recognition on another front (“real launch” is coming), would you kind of nod on my intuition that it’d be better for everyone if I come back afterwards, or is it already time in your opinion?

Thank you!