Configuring network on dell edge gateway 5000 series with ubuntu core 15.04

I am using Dell Edge Gateway 5000 which comes with preinstalled ubuntu core 15.04. I was able to login usign default credentials. My problem is when i try to configure eth0 using /etc/network/interfaces files it gives me message of read-only file system. Can i get the proper step and way in configuring the network.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Are you sure you’re running 15.10? AFAIK there is either 15.04 or Ubuntu Core 16.

That /etc/network/interfaces is read-only lets me think you’re on the later one. On Ubuntu Core 16 you can’t configure the network through /etc/network/interface anymore. If NetworkManager is installed on your system you have to configure the network through nmcli utility. If NetworkManager is not installed you can configure the network through netplan. Please see the docs here for details on the configuration through NetworkManager and here for details on netplan.

If you have NetworkManager installed, please don’t attempt to use netplan. Mixing NetworkManager and netplan is not well supported yet.

The edge 5000 series only shipped ubuntu core 15.04 and ubuntu core 16, and the 15.10 is never used.

@morphis @woodrow: Thanks for highlighting I have made corrections in the post its 15.04

@morphis: can you please help out with Ubuntu Core 15.04. I have checked and network manager is not present.

Hi @morphis @Kira !

I’m using the Gateway 5000 too.
Don’t know if you know how to share internet via any of the eth ports (eth0/eth1).
I’m receiving it from a SIM card and I’d like to share it to another device (a laptop for instance).
It would be so helpful for me to know it!