Complete reference for /dev/api/snap-push/

This API documentation seems to be incomplete. It does not document the actual upload to /unscanned-upload/ or have I missed it somewhere?


The response from that should look something like this (I believe):

  "upload_id": "123-456-789"

Edit: I guess strictly speaking it’s not that the API documentation for that endpoint is wrong or incomplete but that just /unscanned-upload/ itself appears to be undocumented.

The response example though does not include status_details_url and that does appear to be required and should be in the example?

There’s also apparently no information about the delta format in the API endpoint documentation:

            data["delta_format"] = delta_format
            data["delta_hash"] = delta_hash
            data["source_hash"] = source_hash
            data["target_hash"] = target_hash

It also seems like the details of the responses to status_details_url are missing.

So many details missing :frowning:

There’s also a “dry_run” that happens at first which appears to be undocumented and then the actual snap-push happens.

Thanks for highlighting this - I moved the thread from #doc to here to hopefully get better visibility, but it is a docs issue that we can hopefully address.

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Wow, this really came back to bite me. Having actual documentation about this would probably have just saved me 2-3 hours.

I’m grateful for the documentation that exists BUT there could be a lot more of it: especially things like JSON schema documents and OpenAPI specs would be amazing.

Dreaming big!