Combining app and service into same snap?

Hi everyone,

I’m working on creation of my first snap, and I’m currently at crossroads whether to proceed with a snap or just create a .deb package. Coming from a past Debian package maintainer, this would be even simpler then creating a snap.

My application: (auto-cpufreq) works in several modes. I already created a snap which works in “monitor” and “live” mode, which can be found as part of auto-cpufreq snap branch.

But since this app can also be installed and work in “daemon” mode, I’m curious can I combine to have both app and daemon as part of the same snapcraft.yml?

Otherwise, the only way I see I can do this is to create 2 separate snaps, one for app and one for daemon.

Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks!

sure you can do that …

here is an example:

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Great, thank you this is exactly what I was looking for.