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Is it possible to add multiple people that can access a particular snap like on It probably can help upstream’s snaps maintenance if some contributors can access the build logs.

Any collaborator on a Github repo that uses should be able to see/ add the repo on to see builds.

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Unfortunately, people that want someone to see the build logs doesn’t necessary means they also want someone to also have the repo’s write access

Build uses launchpad, so we can go directly there to get the information you’re after. Build logs are easily accessible via the magic url -> which lists all things which are built on

So for example my MAME snap can be seen at

Here’s one of the build logs.

Happy reading

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No, but a pull request might be welcome :slight_smile:

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EDIT: I just noticed that the links I mentioned here don’t work anymore (lead to ‘session expired’ error). That’s a bug that I’ll report.

If all you need is access to build logs they are available publicly on

Both repository builds page (like and individual builds pages (like don’t require log in.

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Bug reported:

We will look into it.