CoBang (QR code scanner)

"A missing native QR Code scanner application for Linux desktop. CoBang can scan barcode, QR code from webcam or static image, local or remote.

In the future, it will support generating QR code and running on Linux phones."

The developer has been contacted:

Where do you scan QR codes most often?

QR codes can be scanned anywhere they are available, but there are some places where I tend to scan them more often. Here are some common places from my personal experience. QR codes are often printed on product packaging to provide customers with additional information about the product or offer discounts and promotions. So I often see and scan them there. I scan QR-codes to access the menu at the restaurants or order food online. I like to visit museums. They often use QR codes to provide visitors with additional information about exhibits or to offer self-guided tours. To scan any QR-code, I use the app from