Cliqz browser can't save to a VeraCrypt volume

In Cliqz browser, if I right-click on an image and do “Save Image As”, the Save dialog gives no way to get to my mounted VeraCrypt volumes, which appear elsewhere as devices with names such as /media/veracrypt1. In that Save dialog, they don’t show up under “Other Locations”. And if I navigate to /media and try to click into it, I get a permission error. /media in my system has 755 permission, so it must be Snap enforcing permissions.

I tried:
snap connect cliqz:removable-media :removable-media
snap connect cliqz:system-files :system-files
but both said “cliqz has no such interface”.

Is there another way I can fix this ? Or does it require a change to the snap packaging of cliqz, or a change to the cliqz app itself ?

Is this a somewhat-generic problem with snaps ? Are a lot of snap apps going to be unable to save to VeraCrypt volumes, because they don’t have the right interface and/or permissions ?

I’m using Cliqz snap 1.8.1 on Ubuntu GNOME 20.04. Thanks.

this would have given you access to /media, your intentions were correct :slight_smile:

it does any you should report it to the packager …

seems to have a Contact link to do so …

FWIW, Cliqz doesn’t seem to be developed any longer: “The Munich-based start-up Cliqz, a German provider of browser, privacy, and search technologies, will focus on two business areas from May 1st, 2020 onwards, closing the browser and search technologies areas. The restructuring will affect 45 employees, for whom individual solutions are currently being sought.” ( The Snap is a beta from 2017.