Clementine Snap - Gracefully Stepping Down

In a discussion on @popey’s Telegram Group, he shared the following post:

I think it’s about time I step away from this snap. I am looking for anyone who’s got an interest in taking it over and maybe even improving it.

My hope is that someone with more time than me can take care of it going forward. When I created the snap with help from this forum, it was because I wanted to keep it alive and allow Solus users to have the application since Solus’ inclusion policy is…exclusive :stuck_out_tongue: Now, I don’t even use it except to test it out and that’s not really using it, is it?

The Clementine upstream project isn’t interested:

So, I’m hoping to grab someone’s attention here.

Anyway, thanks for all the help!


Hi @kz6fittycent, I had a look at the issue you created and it seems like they were after a way to automate building and publishing the snap with their existing CI/CD system. I’ve created a PR adding the Github action ( and commented on the issue you opened.

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Thanks @Nightmayr. Let’s see how it goes.


The current status of this transition is that it’s stalled. I’ve made one last comment in the PR @Nightmayr mentioned. If nothing happens, I intend to remove the clementine snap from the store, unless another party would like to take over its maintenance.