Classic snaps not working on Fedora 27 (and others?)

Back in April in the Call for testing: snapd 2.23 on Fedora thread, @morphis mentioned that “classic snaps: Snaps using classic confinement are not working yet.”. Is there a plan for when this will work? I just tested a couple of snaps on Fedora 27 here and got execv failed: No such file or directory. We have a few high profile applications in the store which are classic and would be great to have working cross-distro.

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I also test it on Fedora 28 atomic workstation

# rpm-ostree install snapd
$ snap version 
snap    2.28.5-2.fc28
snapd   2.28.5-2.fc28
series  16
fedora  28
kernel  4.14.0-0.rc4.git4.1.fc28.x86_64

It is good to run strict confinement snap like chromium. (although I’m not sure how to correct enable camera or audio)

For classic snap, I did some tricky steps and it works too.
Here is an example of how I use go snap.

 # snap install go --classic
 ### manually ln -s /var/lib/snapd/snap /snap
 $ /snap/go/current/bin/go # it works

If I run /snap/bin/go directly, it is failed.

$ /snap/bin/go
cannot create user data directory: /home/shawn/snap/go/1016: Not a directory

The problem with execv failed: No such file or directory is addressed by this PR: