Classic request for tmcbeans

tmcbeans is a customized version of the NetBeans IDE intended to be used with the Test My Code -system.
The Test My Code -system provides automatic assignment evaluation for MOOC-courses found at
The system and most of the courses are created by the University of Helsinki.

IDEs are listed as a supported category for unconfined snaps here: Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps

Also the netbeans package is currently unconfined in the snap store.

Thank you!

This falls squarely withing the ‘IDE’ category for classic snaps and therefore the requirements are understood.

@advocacy - can you perform the vetting?

@advocacy - can someone please perform the vetting?

@jdstrand, I have reviewed this request and vetted the publisher. +1 from me.

Granting use of classic. This is now live.