Classic request for gedit

I haven’t had a response to my query about gedit, but further searching has led me to believe that the only solution is a classic confinement (I hope that I have the wording correct).

At the moment, I am having to juggle between the snap and the standard installation from the PPAs, which is a bit of a confusing hassle.

Please would you provide classic confinement for the gedit snap.

Thank you

I’ve since had a response, leading to a new bug request. I don’t know if this is still the right place to post?

Whilst the gedit snap could conceivably be considered an IDE and hence may fall within one of the supported categories for classic confinement, this request would have to come from the publisher themselves - @kenvandine could you comment on whether this is something you wish to pursue for gedit?

Thank you, @alexmurray.

A better solution of course would be if the original bug were to be fixed on the PPA (and flatpak), but on that, I’ve had no response from the project.

xdg-desktop-portal should allow access to the dot files and folders, I can look into why gedit isn’t utilizing the portals properly. That doesn’t solve the problem with editing system files as root. I’m not sure if portals provide a solution for that. Ideally the portal would prompt for elevated permissions when opening a system file.

Let me investigate why the portal file picker isn’t being fired when needed and see how far that gets us.


@kenvandine ping, any update on the portals investigation?

@kenvandine ping, could you do the portals investigation?

Sorry, I did look into that and gedit has actually reverted the change to use the necessary APIs for portals. I’ve been working on converting gedit to classic and I have it mostly working, but there are still some issues to work out.


Thanks for the update @kenvandine - I’ll remove this request from our queue then for now but once you have things working on your side please feel free to ping again for this to be readded for review.

I know there are some aspects of gedit that would make classic confinement desirable, however that would prevent it’s usage on a confined desktop. We are really going to want gedit in the Ubuntu Core Desktop, which will not support classic. I think we need to keep gedit as strict. However, someone could create a gedit-classic snap that is separate.

I had understood that, if enabled, this was an option installation: either snap install gedit (with confinement) or snap install--classic gedit (without confinement). Have I misunderstood?

If this request is refused, it means that I cannot use the snap version of gedit. I’m currently using the PPA version.

yes, this is nothing optional a user can influence, classic confinement needs to be enabled by the packager and granted by the store reviewers and is then a permanent thing (the snap command will ask you to use the --classic option when installing the snap package but only if the snap has enabled classic confinement this switch will actually do something)

Thank you for the explanation. In that case, I’ll just have to continue to use the PPA and forget about the snap.

I think the best plan is to publish gedit on a separate track for classic. I can do that soon if I disable plugins. Currently the classic build I have is crashing with plugin loading.

Hmm, I don’t think that it would be useful without plugins. I use quite a lot of them; bookmarks, code-commenting, join and split lines, and more. A separate track for classic would be great, but only if you can figure out what’s happening with the plugins. I wish that I could help!