Classic mode for fcbnetmap

I maintain an internal tool used by the Field team at canonical on the field. It’s written in python and distributed as a snap, for some time now. It’s called fcenetmap. It’s been growing recently and gaining new features and I started hitting issues because of the strict confinement. I would like to turn the confinement to classic instead. One example is the script running juju on the host to execute tasks and generating reports.

I could switch to pip install (since it’s just a python package) but it has been distributed using snap for some time now and I’d like to keep it that way.

Thank you

fcbnetmap fits the requirements for classic confinement as per the existing category for debug / development tools. The requirements for classic confinement are therefore understood. I have vetted the publisher, this is now live.

Thank you Alex! Happy new year :slight_smile: