Classic interface

I understand there have been discussions regarding a ‘classic’ (name to be decided) interface, to enable snaps which currently use the classic confinement model to work on core systems.

An example is the tmux snap which is installable on classic systems, but not installable on my Raspberry Pi running Ubuntu core.

What’s the plan of record for a classic (or whatever it’s called) interface?

(I appreciate that there may be other interfaces developed which could ‘fix’ the problem for tmux, I’m asking more in general terms, despite this being the specific problem I have today)

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Rather than going down this route, would it be better to make the core snap more modular? For example, developers could install a core-debug snap with tools such as gdb and debugging symbols; sysadmins could install a core-environment snap with quality of life tools such as tmux etc; and there could be flamewars over core-vim vs core-emacs. All of these apps suffer under the current implementation and really need to exist in the core space to be useful on an Ubuntu Core setup. On the other hand, most users of the core snap would never need or want them. Thus, is modularity of the core snap the way forward?