Classic Confinement Request: xubuntu-installer


On behalf of the Xubuntu team, I would like to request approval for classic confinement for the snap package xubuntu-installer. I’m following the template established by Ubuntu Budgie here. If there is a different path to take now, please let me know.

xubuntu-installer is the Xubuntu team’s version of the Canonical template ubuntu-flavor-installer.

ubuntu-flavor-installer is as the README states “the starting point for ubuntu flavors” i.e. where flavours who are migrating from another installer such as Ubiquity to Canonical’s new snap installer ubuntu-desktop-installer. All flavours using this template has ubuntu-desktop-installer as its basis. The ubuntu-desktop-installer snap is classic confined and all installers based on this similarly need to be classic confined due to how it operates.

Xubuntu, among other flavors, is transitioning away from Ubiquity for the 24.04 release. We’ve prepared a git mirror on Launchpad as well as snap packaging. Additional changes to the ISOs will be made following approval for this request.

Please let me know if you need any additional information, or if I need to make any adjustments. Thank you!

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Hi @bluesabre, Like the ubuntu-budgie-installer classic confinement request, this appears to fit within the supported category of “Installer snaps for Ubuntu Flavors based on the official ubuntu-flavor-installer ”.

Before progressing further, has the snap been uploaded to the store? I can’t seem to find xubuntu-desktop-installer on the store to confirm that the same snap built in the repo is the one uploaded to the store.

Hi @cav. I’ve registered xubuntu-installer on and completed a build there. Does it need to be reviewed before it can be uploaded to the store?

Hi @cav, bumping this one again. xubuntu-installer has been uploaded and can be found here: OpenID transaction in progress

hi - sorry for delay! I will proceed with publisher vetting

Publisher is vetted. Granting use of classic. This is now live

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