Classic confinement request: Solar2D Game Engine


I am trying to publish official Solar2D Game Engine snap. Name is solar2d. This is well known 2D game engine, official open source continuation of Corona SDK. It is primarily mobile but also supports desktop and Nintendo Switch platforms.

License: MIT
Source code:
Reason for classic confinement: as a game engine, it needs to provide access to the wide range of resources. Apps built with this game engine probably would be able to run in confined environment, but resource usage of the game engine itself is very wide. Thanks!

please, take a look, @reviewers. Solar2D would enrich linux game development environment, and we would enjoy to have ease of installation through snaps. It contains IDE-like & compiler features which matches requirements.

As a game engine, solar2d meets the requirements for classic confinement as suggested due to the requirements to act as a compiler / development tools etc. The requirements for classic confinement are understood. @advocacy can you please perform publisher vetting?

I verified the publisher, +1 from me.

Thanks @Igor - classic confinement has now been granted for solar2d - this is now live.