Classic confinement request: mrcode


I’ve made a custom build of VSCodium / VSCode:

Since it’s an IDE and might access any file the user would like. So the snap would require a classic confinement to achieve that.


Since mrcode is an IDE, requirements for granting classic confinement are understood.

@Igor could you please perform publisher vetting?


@daiyam Hello, does MrCode have an official domain?

No, it doesn’t have any official domain.

@daiyam could you provide further details about why you are creating a custom build of VSCodium / VSCode instead of contributing upstream with your desired functionality?

You should also add further information in the snap description so snaps users are aware of the differences.


I’ve updated the description.

I did tried to upstream the functionalities to VSCode but

For VSCodium, I’ve become a maintainer. Its purpose is to be a just rebuild of VSCode.

Hey @daiyam,

The combination of MrCode not having an official domain + our preference to upstream the functionalities instead makes mrcode not be granted classic confinement this time. I am removing this request from our review queue. Hopefully you get those changes upstream soon.

Let us know if you have any further question.