Classic Confinement Request - Monokle

Hi @reviewers,

We are an open-source team creating an open-source Kubernetes IDE application. (

Our application needs to run kubectl, git, helm, kustomize through itself. That is why we thought it requires classic classification. Otherwise, the application doesn’t perform its all features.

If there is another way to achieve this problem, We will be very happy to hear about it. If not, we would like to have the classic classification.

Thank you for your help!

Would it be possible to ship these other applications within the monokle snap itself?

@erdkse - ping, can you please provide the requested information?

@erdkse ping, this request cannot proceed without the requested information


Since we’ve not heard back from you, we are removing this request from our review queue. When you have more time to respond, simply do so here and we can add the request back to the queue. Thanks!