Classic Confinement Request: juju-musl-cross

I as part of the Juju team would like to officially request approval for classic confinement for the snap package called juju-musl-cross.

musl-cross-pkg-snap is the snapped version of musl-cross-make.

The Juju team plans to use the musl-cross-make project to statically compile jujud. The 3.2 version of juju will aim to contain the dqlite project. Unfortunately, we’re currently unable to use a dynamically compiled version of jujud because of the delivery mechanisms that are currently in place.

The musl-cross compiler should be standalone and not require access to the file system outside of the snap package directly. With the musl-cross-make README stating:

  • No hard-coded absolute paths; resulting cross compilers can be copied/moved anywhere.

With that said, the compiler still requires access to the location of your Juju source code for it to compile. As of time of writing this can be in multiple locations and not one is currently standardised (CI currently doesn’t place this inside of the HOME directory, so that wouldn’t allow us to take advantage of the home-interface.

Thank you in advance for your time.

We’ve decided on a different approach. You can safely ignore this request.