Classic confinement request for Wing Python IDEs

I’ve pushed snaps with the following three names: wing7, wing-personal7, and wing-101-7 which are Wingware’s three Python IDE products. They require classic confinement for presumably obvious reasons. I was in contact with Martin Wimpress already by email (his invite is what got us to finally make snaps) and he advised use to use classic confinement mode.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


The requirements are understood. @Wimpress (or anyone from @advocacy), can one of you comment on the performed vetting?

I can confirm that the publisher has been vetted and that these snaps need classic. As stated, @Wimpress has been in close contact with the team at Wingware and these snaps are published under emails on their domain. They require classic because as IDEs they need to be able to read/write to filesystem paths not known at build time and because they need to call external binaries.

Granted use of classic for all 3 snaps. This is now live.

Please note that while the the use of classic is approved, they still fail manual review because they are plugging the classic-support interface. Please remove all plugs and slots from your snaps and reupload.

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Thanks, though looks like the allow-classic flag was set only on wing7. Pushing that worked and it’s live now and I was able to install it directly from the snap store. But wing-personal7 and wing-101-7 both still fail to push and complain about classic mode:

Pushing ‘wing-101-7_7.0.2_amd64.snap’ [=======================================================] 100%
Will need manual review…
The Store automatic review failed.
A human will soon review your snap, but if you can’t wait please write in the snapcraft forum asking for the manual review explicitly.
If you need to disable confinement, please consider using devmode, but note that devmode revision will only be allowed to be released in edge and beta channels.
Please check the errors and some hints below:

  • (NEEDS REVIEW) confinement ‘classic’ not allowed. If your snap needs classic confinement to function, please make a request for this snap to use classic by creating a new topic in the forum using the ‘store-requests’ category and detail the technical reasons why classic is required.

@wingware You should be now able to upload wing-101-7/ and wing-personal7.

Thanks, that worked after I removed/rejected the previous uploads.

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