Classic confinement request for `veloctl`

Hi There!

We recently renamed our CLI mprod, and following other threads in this forum, we created and published a new snap under the name veloctl.

Following our previous classic confinement request (Classic confinement request for `mprod`), could you please apply it to veloctl as well and help us clean the mprod snap from your store?

CCing @ilai-velocity, the owner of the mprod snap, for approval.

Thank you for your time and sorry for the hassle,

Hi guys,

I confirm (I’m a part of Velocity, the company behind mprod and veloctl)


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Hey @ilai-velocity,

Did you only renamed the CLI from mprod to veloctl or you also updated your code base radically?

I asked since you could just ask for an alias and keep your current published snap as it is.

Adding @Kobi Meirson, the actual owner, as well.

We didn’t change our code base at all, just our branding, that’s why we would like to have a veloctl (name of company) snap, with a veloctl binary.

It’s important to us that the actual snap install command will bear the updated name.


To cause less confusion, I’m removing @Kobi Meirson and adding @Accounts (user named @techvelocity) in snap.


Where do we stand with this? We currently can’t release since we don’t have the classic confinement, and customers are waiting :pray:

Thanks, Ilai and the Velocity team.

@ilai-velocity apologize for the delay.

Since you have confirmed the alias feature is not an option, the requirements are then understood since its the same application (requirements were already analyze and understood for mprod Classic confinement request for `mprod`).

@advocacy could you please confirm publisher vetting as well?

There was a different request in the past, and I’ve vetted as a verified publisher. +1 from me.

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Granting use of classic. This is now live.

I think what’s still needed is to remove mprod then? @roadmr could you please help with this?

@ilai-velocity could you please upload a new revision or request a manual review so this changes can take effect? Thanks!

Thank you, Maria!
I’ve issued a manual request for the latest revision. When will it get approved?


I have re-run the automated review and I see the revision successfully published. Could you please check?

It looks great! We’ll release a new version soon and check that everything works fine.

Thanks a lot for the support and care!

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