Classic Confinement Request for Tide IDE

Hello, this is a request for Classic confinement within my upcoming TIde IDE (or tide-ide) on the Snap Store.

Reasons: While 1.9.0 as a strictly confined Snap is awaiting manual review (for what ever reason, I mean it’s strictly confined…) I have been thinking of integrating Snapcrafting (Snap) & Clickable (Ubuntu Touch) build capabilities but it would require Classic confinement as a result of having to call them through system-wide available commands, namely having the snapcraft and upcoming clickable Snaps installed for enhancing the featureset.

Thank you.

As an IDE, tide-ide appears to fit within one of the supported categories for classic confinement as per Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps .

Therefore the requirements for classic for tide-ide are understood. As far as I know, the publisher has not been vetted previously so I will start that process now.

I personally know the publisher, so will vet for them. If the security team needs some impersonation checks, I cannot do that :sweat_smile:

As an IDE, tide-ide (it is even in the name! :slight_smile: ) I agree that this meets the requirements for classic confinement.

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Hey @beidl ,

I have checked and you should have received a notification about this (its related to files found with executable stack). @cav kindly accepted the revisions but also provided instructions about how to fix it.

@sergiusens this sounds like an interesting use case (i.e. IDEs invoking snapcraft). Have you seen this use case?

Publisher vetting is now complete. Granting use of classic. This is now live

I missed the response, but yes, we have for IDEs, I personally do this from emacs myself and IIRC, folks have integrations to invoke Charmcraft and deploy with Juju all from the IDEs. Calling these types of tools is not uncommon from an IDE. I might recall some work we did with Godot to get to the same. And last, but not least, some early work on our own discourse Snapcraft plugin for gnome-builder

Tide 2.0.0 is on its way now and will include preliminary support for:

  • Building Ubuntu Touch apps (.click)
  • Building Snaps

Debugging and releasing Snaps is also considered for the future.

Thanks again!

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