Classic confinement request for the pre-commit snap

Dear @reviewers, @advocacy team, and snappy @architects,

I would like to request classic confinement for my snap pre-commit ( according to the process for reviewing classic confinement snaps.

Recipe source:


Requires arbitrary command access

Some pre-commit hooks, like requires arbitrary third-party commands which are not possible to embed them into the snap

As a result, the snap is not likely to be strictly confined and requires classic confinement.
Thanks in advance!

pre-commit is a lowlevel tool that provides some of the functionality that might be found in an IDE. The requirements are understood.

As this snap is not part of snapcrafters, @advocacy - can you perform the vetting?

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I have done the necessary vetting, so +1 from me.

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Granting use of classic. This is now live.

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