Classic confinement request for the nano snap (was: nano-classic)


Dear @reviewers, @advocacy team, and snappy @architects,

I would like to request classic confinement for my snap nano-classic(currently not published on the Snap Store) nano( according to the process for reviewing classic confinement snaps.

Recipe source:


Editing system config files

GNU nano is especially useful in editing files in the system directories in the classic system.

As a result, although this application is definitely possible to be snapped under strict confinement, it can be more useful if we also provide a version that is in classic confinement. I am willing to make compromises in order to make it past the vetting process(like transferring the snap to any trustworthy entity to reduce the risk to the users).

Thanks in advance!



Personally, I think the path least likely to cause confusion among users would be to make the existing nano snap classic, matching other editors. Note that because classic is less secure than strict, systems will not automatically upgrade to it. They’ll be on the old version until manually upgraded with --classic.

What do the other @reviewers think?


Agreed. I’d prefer we had a classic nano snap than a separate one.


In that case I hereby request the classic confinement of the nano snap instead.