Classic confinement request for the 'glucometerutils' snap


I have created a snap package (my first ever!) for the glucometerutils tool written in Python. The snapcraft.yaml file is in this git repository. The tool requires access to various files under /dev including but not limited to block devices, hid devices, serial, scsi devices etc. (see for more details).

I own two of the supported glucometers and one of those requires access to a hid device and the other requires access to a block device corresponding to the connected device - on my computer, it was /dev/sda . I tried using the hidraw interface to get access to the first device. I found out that I cannot pre-declare the path to the hid device (as documented in because I cannot predict the name of the hid device that will be created for the connected glucometer on each of the users’ computers. So the snap package will not be able to access the device.

So I have currently configured the snap to be a classic snap. And as per the documented process, I am requesting approval for it.

Please let me know if there are any concerns with this request or if you need any additional information from me to process this request.

as a trusted bystander (not a reviewer so I can’t vote on this) I can’t see any way with the current interfaces we have available for you to achieve strict confinement with your app yet. Therefore I encourage the reviewers to approve this with a view to getting it converted to strict confinement after appropriate interface improvements are made to snapd.

To that end, @guruprasad, it might be useful to post details of how your app interfaces with the glucometers in a launchpad bug at with a request for interface improvements or additions to support your usecase so that you can switch to strict confinement in the distant future.

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