Classic confinement request for Snowflake SSH client


Snowflake is a SSH Terminal emulator and SFTP client with support for automation.
Please approve the classic confinement for the application.

App name: snowflake

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It is not clear to me why classic confinement is required for snowflake. From my understanding of snowflake’s functionality, would assume plugging the network, home and optionally the removable-media interfaces would be sufficient for most use-cases. If you believe classic confinement is truly warranted can you please outline exactly why this is the case?

@subhra74 - ping, please provide the requested information.

Since it has a feature of sftp client, which might require access to all file system, instead of just using the users home directory.

In general I would assume most users would be transferring files from their home directory - not arbitrary file locations. Looking over past issues in your issue tracker home still seems like the most likely location users are using. Are there specific use-cases that you know of which would require access outside the home directory?

@subhra74 this request is waiting on your response and cannot proceed without it.

@subhra74 this request cannot proceed without your input - can you please respond to the questions posted above. As we have not heard back about this request, I am removing it from our internal queue but if / when you respond I will be happy to re-add it back.