Classic confinement request for OpenTF


I’ve been maintaining the Terraform snap for the past few months, which was granted classic confinement in this post.

Terraform was recently forked by the OpenTF Foundation. I have now packaged OpenTF in a snap too.

At this point the codebases are very similar indeed, could I please get classic confinement granted for opentf too? The code is here:

Many thanks! Jon

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Hi Jon,

The requirements for classic are understood and are in line with the original linked request still, so this request is also approved. Everything else is in order (publisher is vetted etc) so this is now live.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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@dclane - The OpenTF project has renamed to OpenTofu.

The builds are in progress on the opentofu snap, could you please grant classic confinement there?

I’d also like to request the alias tofu as that is the binary name for the OpenTofu project :slight_smile:

@dclane I’ve closed the channels and made opentf private, but it would be good to just remove it, I don’t need to keep the name any longer :slight_smile:

Done. This is live now.

tofu doesn’t appear to conflict with anything in the archive or the store, so +1 from me to that (the standard review period applies here).

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@dclane thank you! much appreciated!

Do I need to do anything else for the alias request? :slight_smile:

No, other @reviewers will chime in shortly. I don’t see it being a problem.

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@dclane I’ve closed the channels and made opentf private, but it would be good to just remove it, I don’t need to keep the name any longer :slight_smile:

@odysseus-k, @lofidevops are you able to assist with removing opentf for Jon?

+1 on the “tofu” alias. It doesn’t appear to have any conflicts.

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@reviewers are we able to make the alias request live now? :slight_smile:

2 votes for, 0 against. Granting alias tofu to opentf`. This is now live.

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Thank you very much! :rocket:

Hey, wondering if anyone can help me troubleshoot this as the alias doesn’t seem to be working by default.

Right now:

root@test:~# snap install opentofu --classic --edge
opentofu (edge) 1.6.0-alpha2 from Jon Seager (jnsgruk) installed
root@test:~# tofu
tofu: command not found

I can see the alias is defined in the meta.yaml:

root@test:/var/snap/opentofu/current# cat /snap/opentofu/current/meta/snap.yaml
name: opentofu
version: 1.6.0-alpha2
summary: OpenTofu lets you declaratively manage your cloud infrastructure.
description: |
  OpenTofu is an OSS tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure
  safely and efficiently. OpenTofu can manage existing and popular service
  providers as well as custom in-house solutions.
base: core22
license: MPL-2.0
grade: stable
confinement: classic
  - amd64
    command: tofu
      - tofu

I thought the above request should mean that tofu works out of the box? Perhaps @Igor might have some experience here?

Cheers! Jon

Checking snap aliases tofu shows there’s nothing. Maybe it wasn’t granted?

Hi @jnsgruk

It seems we wrongly granted the alias to the old opentf snap instead of the opentofu. It should be working now :slight_smile:

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Ah that’s done it! Thank you! :rocket: :slightly_smiling_face:

@jnsgruk Oops, that was a mistake from my end, sorry about the hassle.

@jslarraz Thanks for the fix.

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